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What are the different types of injectable products at your clinic?

The three major types of injectables at my clinic are BOTOX (see blog What is botox ? Are all injectables the same?) Dermal fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma.

BOTOX is a clear liquid and is absorbed by the muscles in which it is injected. It is used to soften overused muscles that are causing wrinkles or are closing the face causing people to look sad, mad or tired.

By carefully choosing the right muscle groups, wrinkles can be prevented, for example: the eleven lines on the lower forehead (glabellar lines), smoker’s line or crow’s feet at the side of the face can be softened or prevented from appearing.

  • Dermal fillers
    The most frequently used form of dermal fillers is Hyaluronic Acid (see blog Are fillers and botox permanent or can fillers be removed), it is a clear gel of varying thickness. Some gels are thinner for more superficial injections and some are thicker with more cohesive properties for thicker or mobile zones of the face. These gels are used to restore volume where it has been lost because of weight loss or ageing. As we age tissues and muscles sag due to thinning, loosening and the effects of gravity or pressure ( ex. from always sleeping on one side of the face).
  • Bio stimulants
    Another class of fillers are those that stimulate the body to regenerate its own tissues recreating more youthful contours and shapes.
    The two most frequently used are Radiesse and Sculptra (see blog. Are fillers and botox permanent or can fillers be removed) . Radiesse will give an immediate result as it contains a gel while the calcium hydroxyapatite stimulates regeneration. It typically lasts 12-15 months.
    Sculptra requires 2-3 visits at 2 month intervals and gives a very gradual and subtle result. People are told they have a glow to their skin. It typically lasts 2 years
  • Platelet Rich Plasma -natural skin regeneration
    This is the most natural solution available as it only uses the person’s own blood to regenerate its own skin and tissues. We use the growth factors from platelets found in the person’s blood to stimulate growth and repair damaged tissues. This is performed by taking 1 or 2 test tubes (8-16 ml) of blood and spinning it down in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. We then Inject the patient’s own clear yellow plasma into the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, hands or hair follicles in men and women. The results are the most natural possible, giving the treated skin a freshened youthful glow.
    The process is repeated once a month for 3 months and then every 6-12 months to maintain results.
    Results are typically visible after 3 months.


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