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PRP Treatment

Platelet rich Plasma (PRP) referred to as the vampire facelift and the vampire facial (made famous by Kim Kardashian) is the injection of parts of one’s own blood to rejuvenate skin, grow back hair and improve the healing of skin ,muscle and bone .

By spinning blood at high speeds (centrifugation) we separate the blood into red blood cells and plasma. Plasma contains white blood cells, platelets and proteins. Platelets contain growth factors that stimulate tissue cells to regenerate and repair themselves. The effect of injecting platelet rich plasma into the skin or the scalp is to stimulate collagen formation and hair growth.

Platelet Rich Plasma is very attractive because it uses your own body’s factor to repair your skin or stimulate hair growth. It is used on the face, neck and hands to repair sun damaged or ageing skin by naturally stimulating your own body to regenerate itself. The results are natural and gradual over a 3-6 month period and last 12 months or longer. PRP is not used to give volume to facial structures or restore their proportions ,for this reason it is often used with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm.

The most common way of injecting Platelet Rich Plasma is to initially have 3 sessions of injections in the desired areas one month apart and then every 6 months. Depending on the degree of damage and the response, this regimen is adapted to each patient.

How to get the best results

5 days before the treatment increase your intake of vitamin C containing foods and be well hydrated on the day of your treatment.
5 days before treatment, avoid

  • aspirin or anti-inflammatories ex Aleve, Advil, Motrin,
  • Vitamin E pills,
  • Omega-3 fatty acids,
  • Gingko biloba,
  • Ginseng
  • Alcohol
  • Green tea

These can affect the function of platelets and cause PRP results to be sub-optimal.

For comfort, apply numbing cream such as EMLA or Maxilene 5 to the PRP treatment area at least 20 minutes prior to treatment.


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