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New hair loss treatment of alopecia

70 million Americans suffer from hair loss. 20 million are female. Hair growth needs seeds (stem cells surrounding hair follicles) and soil (the environment around the cells) to stimulate their growth.

There are approximately 256 studies in progress or in completion with ClinicalTrials.gov. Ask every patient you see if they are having an issue with their hair. New discoveries include Wnt signaling glycoproteins, signaling cytokine interrupters (such as JAK inhibitors), fibroblast growth factors, neural stem cells, prostaglandin inhibitors, and lactate dehydrogenase, transcription factors, regenerative cells (adipocytes, placenta, and umbilical cord matrix stem cells), and botanicals.

Currently available treatments include FDA and non-FDA-approved prescription drugs, supplements, low-level light laser, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and scalp tattooing.


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