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What is botox ? Are all injectables the same?

This is a question I am often asked by people who are new to the experience and it is a valid one because people often refer to anything that is injections as botox.

In an esthetic clinic there are different injectable products used to achieve the desired results, sometimes we use one type of injectable but often we use many to achieve the most optimal result possible. We may also choose them based on the clients budget.

A gradual approach

In general I try to use the least amount of product and the product or combination of products that will be the least expensive for the client.

For example I may suggest we try to smooth out the 11 lines in the lower forehead (glabella) first with botox and then add filler at a subsequent visit if this was not enough to improve the appearance of the lines. It is the same thing for smoker’s lines, sometimes by stopping the skin from being creased from the muscular contraction the lines can be improved or disappear.

BOTOX is a contraction of the word BOtulin TOXin, it is a very dilute solution that allows us to soften overused muscles that cause wrinkles. These wrinkles are dynamic because they are caused by the movement of a muscle group. The repetitive contraction of a muscle which happens in very expressive people or people who stare at a computer all day eventually causes the skin to develop creases or wrinkles. By reversing this process we allow the skin to relax and the wrinkles to soften. If botox is started early on when the wrinkles have not become permanent, the process can be reversed otherwise it prevents the progression of the wrinkles. In this case another method such as fillers, PRP (see blog on different injectable products ) or laser resurfacing is used to improve the quality and appearance of the affected skin.


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