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Wrinkles vs proportions and harmony

Techniques and our understanding of how the face ages have evolved over the last decade. When I started injecting filler over a decade ago, we were taught to fill in wrinkles where we saw them but the effect was not always what we wanted. We learned that one approach does not fit everyone, the cookie cutter approach is not suitable since everyone’s face is different. What really matters is proportions and harmony of structure in one’s face. There are many approaches to analyse a face, the simplest one is to divide the face into three parts from the forehead to the midface to lower part of the face. We can also divide the face from one side to the other and we should be able to see 5 compartments of equal size across the face.

If we consider the side profile, some people lack a chin or the chin is too far back in relation to their upper lip and nose.

In some cases the chin is wide and flat because it has lost volume in some women this ends up making them look more masculine and in some men it causes them to look less masculine. It can also make the upper lip appear smaller as it is less supported from below.

Most people are not symmetric from one side to the other, there is usually wide side and one long and narrow side. We often say that each side of the face is the sister of the other, if our faces were the mirror image of each other we would actually look weird!

However the difference from one side should not be that pronounced that it is immediately noticeable. A lot of the work that we do at the clinic is to diminish the differences between both sides and re-establish proportions and harmony of the face if they existed in the past or create proportional structures to create a certain balance where there was none previously. The effect can be drastic and very pleasing. Examples of these situations are people who have weak chins or jaw lines, one cheek very flat or low compared to the other, lack cheek bones or have very uneven eyebrow height.


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