Clinique Revolution is a cosmetic medical clinic with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We offer advanced injection techniques of BOTOX, dermal fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).
We use the Lightsheer Laser for laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

Achieve long-lasting results for permanent hair removal with the gold standard Lightsheer Laser Technology. Consultations are free.

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Cosmetic Treatments

Let your beauty shine through with BOTOX, dermal fillers such as Restylane, contouring agents such as Radiesse and PRP treatments.

BOTOX Restylane PRP

Medical Treatments

Treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the armpits,hands and feet. Teeth clenching and TMJ Syndrome with BOTOX.


BOTOX® Treatments

  • Dynamic wrinkles
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • TMJ syndrome
  • Bruxism and TMJ syndrome

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Restylane Treatments

  • Non surgical facelift
  • Jaw Contouring
  • Cheek and smile lines
  • Bags Under the Eyes

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PRP Special Treatments

  • Fine Wrinkles
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Hair Loss Men/Women
  • Scars

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Laser Hair Removal

  • Face
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Bikini

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